Wish List

Boy outside playing with water toys.

These items will enable us to better serve our children. Your help is deeply appreciated.


Discovery Putty – School Tools $12.99

Regulation Putty™ $13.99

Jensen CD AM/FM Radio Boombox $22.99

Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack $49.99

Automated External Defibrillators Starting at $1,231.00

Dycem® Non-slip Material $27.56

Magna-Tiles® Starter Set $52.99

Sensory Ball Set $34.99

Giant Pipe Builders $79.99

Waterway Pipe Builders Master Set $39.99

Giant Roller Ramps Master Set $79.99

Slow-Roll Visual Tracker $29.99

Giant Sight & Sound Tubes $69.99

Jumbo Nuts & Bolts $49.99

Feel & Roll Bumpy Balls $29.99

Pound & Play Music Maker $29.99

Hide & Seek Discovery Ball $24.99

Hop-Along Ball (S/M/L) $16.99 to $24.99

Beginner’s Hammering Kit $29.99

Read-Along Listening Center $219.00

Dressing Frames Complete Set $69.99

Hear Myself Sound Phone $4.99

WolVol Activity Musical Yellow School Bus Toy $26.94

AlphaZoo Spinner $16.00

Edushape Sensory Ball Mega 4 Count $22.55

Note: Prices are subject to change.


In addition, the following is also helpful:

School Supplies
Dry erase markers & erasers, pencils, glue, construction paper (all colors), tissue paper, paint (all colors)

Digital video camera

Children’s hats
Sun hats & baseball hats

Children’s sunglasses

For outdoor play

Bandaids & gloves
Non-latex gloves for our nurse’s supplies (Medium and Large)

Braille paper
$20 for a box of 500 sheets

$25 Target gift cards
For needy families we serve and for the Center’s program needs throughout the year

Boom boxes
With tape and CD players for the classrooms

Bubble machines

Car Seat
Graco Affix Highback Booster Car Seat with Latch System

For the yard

From Playskool or Lil’ Tykes

To help, call the Center 323.664.2153 or e-mail us at info@blindchildrenscenter.org